Royals Looking For Consistency as They Begin Their Season

Royals Looking For Consistency as They Begin Their Season

Article by Chris Harris, Devils Lake Journal Sports, October 31st, 2018

You play like you practice.

Athletes have been preached that since they stepped onto their competitive field of choice. Lake Region State College's men basketball coach Jared Marshall has expanded on that maxim with one single word — consistency.

"We have five guys back, two of which started and a third that has started some so none of those three were full time starters," begin Marshall. "Then we've brought in five new freshmen and four transfers so at this point of the year you're just trying want to be consistent in your body language, in our execution.

"When you're coaching two year guys you're trying to get them to come along a lot faster than you would with four years so the biggest thing is just being consistent in everything we do," Marshall said. 

Consistency isn't completely about what is done on the court. It is the emotional stamina that the heat of competition, or the runbacks of plays at practice, thrown at players, at a team.

"We don't want to get too high or too low when it comes to that type of stuff," explained Marshall. "When it's good, it's good; it's bad, it's bad but we want to be even keel and be consistent in everything we do."

The philosophy has rubbed off on the players.

"Coach want us to always be consistent in energy and staying positive," said sophomore guard Jordan Lynn

Lynn, a 6-foot-1 guard out of Minneapolis, also admits that being consistent sometimes can be hard to maintain, especially when they're on the floor as the sun begins its ascension in the east.

"When you having a 6 a.m. (practice) it's kinda difficult," he said with a slight grin. "But yeah, we stay consistent most of the time."

The Royals have been a model of consistency on the court. Over the past three seasons, LRSC has finished the season with either 19 or 20 wins. That is the benchmark that Marshall, who is entering his fourth season leading the Royals program, wants to continue to reach because … consistency sake.

"That 20 win goal is always something we fight for," Marshall said.

But obtaining 20 wins isn't the only goal. Winning both the Mon-Dak Conference and regional championship are also on the radar and Marshall isn't alone with those objectives.

"Our goal as a team is to win the conference," began sophomore Kyle Henningsgard. "And to advance to the national tournament."

And what has to be done to assure those goals are attained?

"Play the game hard, play together, stay together as a team and work our butts off," Henningsgard said.